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Offender Management

There is increasing concern that prisons and offenders are vulnerable to radicalisation

The UK offender management capability is based on the principles of holding prisoners securely, reducing the risk of prisoners re-offending and providing safe and well-ordered establishments.

There are around 150 terror related offenders in the UK currently and as the threat of terrorism grows this number is set to increase.

Community sentencing has been used widely in the UK and offender monitoring systems, managed by private security companies (reporting breaches to police) are well established.

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  • Design and support on the construction of secure and safe facilities
  • Contracting, procurement and competition support
  • Prisoner proof cell equipment and furniture
  • Safe cell structures
  • Justice assistance
  • Policy advice and support
  • Full prison facility management
  • Secure transportation of prisoners (vehicles and services)
  • Secure fencing, CCTV, access control (including biometrics)
  • Prisoner and staff tracking (includes staff safety systems, and terrestrial and space-based capabilities)
  • Offender rehabilitation schemes (workshops/skills retraining)
  • Accredited intervention programmes
  • Prisoner and intelligence databases
  • Learning and development for senior management and frontline staff
  • Workshop activities and prison industries
  • Youth intervention schemes and policies
  • Fire fighting, alarm and safety equipment
  • Personal protection and restraint equipment
  • Jamming of illicit real time communications equipment (including cellular and satellite phones)
  • Search equipment (drugs/firearms/phones)
  • Surveillance and supervision of persons serving community sentences
  • Monitoring and rehabilitation of registered sex offenders
  • Community sentencing options
  • Electronic monitoring systems and delivery
  • Accredited youth and adult intervention programmes
  • ICT
  • Case management and tracking systems (CATS)
  • Assessment systems



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