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Ambition – the EPRR Conference

Ambition – the EPRR Conference

Bringing together the emergency preparedness, resilience & response community

Supported and chaired by the Cabinet Office, Ambition was the most attended conference in 2016.

Hear from experts on topics such as the future of emergency services, pandemic diseases, response to terrorist attacks and resilience for businesses.

Ambition is directly aligned with the National Resilience Capabilities Programme and the National Respond and Rescue Strategy written by the Civil Contingencies Secretariat and supported by the Cabinet Office.

View the programme on the Ambition website

The Ambition Conference brings together category 1 & 2 responders

Category 1 Responders

  • Local authorities
  • Police forces
  • Fire services
  • Ambulance services
  • HM Coastguard
  • NHS
  • Port health authorities
  • Environment Agency

Category 2 Responders 

  • Electricity and Gas
  • Water and sewerage
  • Telephone service providers
  • Network Rail
  • Train operating companies
  • London Underground
  • Transport for London
  • Highways England
  • Airport operators
  • Harbour authorities

In 2016 subjects covered included:

  • Developing EPRR in the NHS: changes, progress and challenges
  • Innovation, change and reform in the police service
  • The evolution of EPRR expertise in the ambulance service – progress and challenges
  • Ensuring resilience capabilities for businesses and communities across the UK
  • Innovation, change and blue-light working in the fire service
  • National resilience and fire capabilities
  • The role of Police & Crime Commissioners in the delivery of joined up blue light services
  • Developing an R&D function for UK fire & rescue services
  • Communication challenges after a terrorist attack
  • How did officials in Norway handle communication challenges after the terrorism attacks in Oslo and Utoya on July 11, 2011?
  • The future of joined up working between blue light services          
  • Transferrable lessons for EPRR from military medicine
  • Understanding the role of human behaviour in modelling the spread of infectious diseases    
  • International resilience: the UK's aspirations in light of the Strategic Defence & Security Review
  • Blue light drones: the challenges and opportunities in using UAVs in the emergency services
  • Bidding for EU funding for resilience projects and exercises
  • The challenge for effective interoperability training and the role of innovation

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