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Ambition – the EPRR Conference

Ambition – the EPRR Conference

Bringing together the emergency preparedness, resilience & response community

Supported and chaired by the Cabinet Office, Ambition was one of  the most attended conference in 2017.

Attendees heard from experts on topics such as the future of emergency services, pandemic diseases, response to terrorist attacks and resilience for businesses.

Ambition is directly aligned with the National Resilience Capabilities Programme and the National Respond and Rescue Strategy written by the Civil Contingencies Secretariat and supported by the Cabinet Office.

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The Ambition Conference brought together category 1 & 2 responders

Category 1 Responders

  • Local authorities
  • Police forces
  • Fire services
  • Ambulance services
  • HM Coastguard
  • NHS
  • Port health authorities
  • Environment Agency

Category 2 Responders 

  • Electricity and Gas
  • Water and sewerage
  • Telephone service providers
  • Network Rail
  • Train operating companies
  • London Underground
  • Transport for London
  • Highways England
  • Airport operators
  • Harbour authorities

In 2017 subjects covered included:

  • Showcasing the Work of the LFB in Safety and Assurance through Collaboration
  • The Future of Command and Control and Collaboration for Emergency Response Services
  • Multi-stakeholder Strategic Emergency Response to Major Incidents
  • The Future of Fire and Rescue Emergency Response, Command & Control and Collaboration with other Services
  • Understanding the Importance of Successful Command and Control Technology Implementation
  • Showcasing the Work of the DMS in Disaster Relief and Emergency Coordination
  • Developing Rapid Response Coordination During Flooding and Natural Disasters
  • Mass Event Emergency Management Best Practice
  • Behavioural Analysis: Understanding the Use of Behavioural Research for Emergency Preparedness
  • Panel Discussion: Future Collaborative Emergency Services and Critical National Infrastructure
  • Showcasing the Work of the CNC in Collaborating with other Agencies in Securing CNI
  • Programme Fostering a Research base into Toxic Triage and CBRN Response in a Civil Contingencies Context
  • The role of PHE in supporting response to mass incidents;assessing exposure, understanding the risk and facilitating a return to normal.
  • Developing Effective Response to CBRN Crises and How to Collaborate with other Agencies
  • Embedding Clinical Standards Across Ambulance Services in a Joint Operations Environment
  • Implementing Innovative Command and Control Technology for Emergency Response: Showcasing Israel’s National Emergency Medical Services
  • Multi Agency Coordination and Flood Disaster Response: A Cumbrian Case Study
  • The Future of Emergency Response within 'Blue Light' Collaboration Technology

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