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Security & Counter Terror Expo - 2018 Counter Terror Awards

Recognising Successful Strategies to Mitigate Terrorism and Strengthen National Security

Counter Terror Awards - Counter Terror Business

The Counter Terror Awards will recognise strategies, procedural excellence and technologies which help to mitigate the threats from terrorism.

Acts of terrorism are designed to influence an audience beyond the immediate victims, and have been used throughout history to strike fear into the population.

The tragic and despicable events of the early 21st Century have forced the international community to act. Increasingly sophisticated strategies and technologies are being employed by organisations throughout the world in order to counter the threat.

The Counter Terror Awards will be staged to recognise the efforts of organisations in both the public and private sectors and their contributions to counter terror strategy in the UK and overseas, as well as the vital role played by the military and emergency services in mitigating terrorist threats and striving to keep the public safe.

The Counter Terror Awards are will take place for the first time on 6th March 2018, Olympia London, at Security and Counter Terror Expo supported by Counter Terror Business magazine.

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Award categories include:

Transport Security Award

Recognising the efforts of private and public sector organisations and the technology which assists in increasing security at airports, ports and borders.

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Counter Terrorism IT Product

This award recognises the Information Technology product which has been proven to assist in counter terror strategy and preventing cyber terrorism.

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CBRNE Product Award

Presented to the product which has the potential to provide effective protection for emergency services and/or civilians against attack from Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear weapons.

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Communication Systems Award

This award recognises communication systems and their potential to assist organisations in both threat detection and post-terrorism communication between governmental and emergency service organisations.

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Perimeter Protection Award

Presented to the private sector organisation which has designed and/or installed physical security measures to protect buildings and individuals from terrorist attack.

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Counter Terror Policing Award

Recognising the efforts of the Police sector in combatting domestic terrorism through prevention strategies and operational excellence.

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UAV Product Award

Presented to the most innovative product developed for the purpose of protection against hostile drones.

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Counter Terrorism Project

Presented to a governmental organisation or public/private partnership which has developed and implemented an effective counter terrorism strategy or awareness campaign.

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Counter Terrorism Education Project

Presented to an organisation or partnership which has developed and implemented measures to help combat the threat of radicalisation in educational or religious institutions

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Outstanding Contribution to Counter Terrorism

Recognising an organisation or individual from either the private or government sector whose contribution to worldwide anti-terrorism efforts has been outstanding.

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