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Innovation Trail

Innovation Trail

Discover the latest products on the security market

Innovative solutions are crucial to the success of today's security and counter terror strategies. With new kinds of threats emerging all the time, keeping one step ahead is vital. As a visitor, you too can take advantage of seeing the latest technology on display before you arrive.

Our new Innovation Trail is designed to highlight new technology and give visitors a sneak preview of cutting-edge technology

  • The new CORE Camera line features Wireless, High Definition, Digitally Encrypted Cameras and Monitors. The CORE system is completely modular and allows you to attach 4 different camera necks to 2 different base units and view video wirelessly on the CORE monitor. 

  • PITAGONE is a European leader in Threat Management and anti-terror, assisting its clients daily in more than ten Countries from its Brussels headquarters.



    PITAGONE presents its proprietary anti ramming-trucks mobile barriers for the first time in the UK. Specially engineered to stop trucks up to 20 Tons.


    "We serve Europe with 40 years of Israeli Anti-Terror Experience"


  • EyeLynx Launch Multifaceted CCTV Solution

    04-Apr-2017 by: Steve Roberts Zaun

    A modular integrated closed circuit television (CCTV) solution with wireless 4G router, multi-camera and recorder has hit the market targeted at ultra-high security sectors. Pharos Optimus from software security expert EyeLynx allows up to four configurable devices to be mounted on a mast – meaning site security operators can deploy the perfect combination of day, night and infra red cameras, lighting, detection and audio technologies on a single Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) unit.

  • A company’s security is only as strong as its weakest link,” commented Robin Rager, Director at RFID Secure. “Businesses spend many thousands on security measures but 90% of them do not realise that the weak link is their RFID access control card. Our Secure BloxProx Badgeholders can eliminate this risk and ensure illegal cloning is not possible. They ‘future proof’ your security measures.”

    This ground breaking device protects 125 KHz access cards, which has never been possible before, as well as protecting ISO standard 13.56MHz Access and ID cards. The patented 'squeeze to read' technology is effectively an on-off switch, giving the user complete control over when the chip can be read.

    The innovative BloxProx has been endorsed and accredited by the Home Office under their Secured By Design program. It was also a Finalist for the New and Best Innovative Product of the year at the Security and Fire Excellence Awards.

    Not only does this risk of electronic pick-pocketing threaten contactless access keys, the same chip is used in your contactless bank cards and passports, making them extremely vulnerable. RFID Secure also supplies a range of wallets, purses and passport covers that prevent them from also being targeted. 

  • PAS 68 Terra Quantum Bollard

    22-Mar-2017 by: S Osmond Frontier Pitts

    The World's first BSi PAS 68 side folding bollard; the ULTIMATE BREAKTHROUGH INNOVATION for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation.


  • Introducing eLOQ

    15-Mar-2017 by: Lincoln Security Ltd Lincoln Security

    Ultimately, we are seeing that technology eventually influences everything and the security industry is now welcoming innovation to work alongside the traditional elements. However, it is important that any new products we see coming into the market have the right qualities to enhance existing security measures and not impede on traditional methods that have been in situ for generations.

    Key control has often a problem for many businesses and all too often, a compromise has to be made – which is obviously never ideal with security issues. If a key becomes lost, the security level either plummets or a costly re-key exercise is required. With traditional mechanical key systems, there is weak accountability as there are no audit trails of the key use and no the ability to restrict users to areas based on time and date ranges.

    Seeing this weakness, Lincoln Security Ltd decided to sign up as an official dealer for the eLOQ Access Control Key system. An innovative electronic key control system that has been designed to eliminate the issues of keys being copied or lost and introduce accountability into key control.

  • CorruSec Premier SR4 is a patent pending innovative high security perimeter fencing solution that has been designed and developed by Zaun. Independently tested by BRE and entered into the RED BOOK, CorruSec Premier SR4 has successfully passed and achieved LPS1175 SR4 rating.

    The unique construction has been specifically designed to provide a minimum delay time of at least 10 minutes. The specially configured mesh system has been independently tested to defeat a range of attack methods including both hand tools and power tools. Ideal for protecting assets on sites including water utility sites, oil and gas compounds, data centres and other sites of critical, national importance. The robust fencing solution also provides good visibility for use with CCTV camera systems.

  • Zaun’s HiSec Plus is a double wire, anti climb high security perimeter fencing system that uses the popular ‘358’ welded mesh configuration to repel thieves, trespassers and intruders. The HiSec Plus attributes make this system an excellent solution for high security applications as the combination of increased vertical wire diameters and double horizontal wires on the rear every 254mm provide a rigid and visually appealing option to the standard HiSec range with the maximum strengths and security . The close-mesh configuration ensures that the HiSec Plus system is difficult to climb and highly secure. 

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