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  • The new CORE Cameras in the CORE line feature Wireless, High Definition, Digitally Encrypted Cameras and a touchscreen CORE Monitor. The CORE system is completely modular and allows you to attach 4 different camera necks to 2 different base units and view video wirelessly on the CORE monitor. 

  • Threat-led testing has become increasingly popular as organisations struggle with both the scale and the nature of targeted cyber-attacks. Red teaming is very different from traditional penetration testing - it simulates a criminal attack at every stage, from reconnaissance to exploitation, but under controlled conditions. By mimicking real-world attacks, red teaming can deliver the true impact of a breach as well as measuring the effectiveness of both defence and response.

  • First choice supplier in offering full mission specific products, Daniel Technologies will be hosting Flashbang Magazine, the publication behind “Special Units”, an exclusive photographic journey into the world’s most Elite Units. Author Mr. Dom André, who will be on hand for questions and to meet SF Operators who will be attending SCTX 2017

  • In a world with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Slack and numerous other apps and platforms why do we bother attending a security conferences or an exhibition? Why can’t we just sit at our desk and tap a screen? 
  • Nightsearcher have just launched a new range of Intrinsically Safe Lighting, including Atex Flashlights, Floodlights and Headtorches. 

    Nightsearcher have been trusted to illuminate the most hazardous and hostile working environments. The ATEX mark signifies that equipment is suitable for use in hazardous environments with a potentially explosive atmosphere, so you can be assured that the products you buy from us are completely safe and have undergone rigorous testing and carry the necessary ATEX certification and labelling.

  • When malware can actually kill you

    22-Feb-2017 by: Nader Henein

    On November 2nd an NHS Trust (Lincolnshire and Goole) had to turn patients away and send those in hospital to other facilities for critical care due to a cyberattack which effectively crippled them. This marks the latest in a series of attacks on hospitals, I understand that saving lives is a healthcare providers guiding light but both focus and resources need to be diverted to protecting the systems that keep patients alive and allow doctors and nurses to do their jobs.

  • Have you put much thought into who visits your company on a daily basis? Having an electronic visitor management system can help you get the answer. Analysing data from visitors that frequent your site can inform facility management processes and help enhance your visitor’s overall experience.
  • Security in a Less Secure World

    22/02/2017 by: Roisin McLaughlin Time Data Security LTD
    The rising threat of terrorism and criminal activity over the past decade has created a shift in the security requirements of organisations worldwide. Access control has become the first line of defence against internal and external attacks, with many firms taking a layered approach to protecting their people, property and assets.
  • Call for Expressions of Interest: Trade Mission to Japan

    02-Feb-2017 by: Major Events International

    The Rugby World Cup 2019 and Tokyo Olympics 2020 in Japan presents a once in a lifetime opportunity for major event experts and suppliers to establish a presence in this important market and Asia more generally. MEI is leading a second delegation to Japan during the week 6 March and we invite you to register your interest. The visit aims to deliver enhanced market profile, gain new business and collaboration relationships, understand how best to pursue opportunities and meet key stakeholders.

  • How cyber security & counter e-crime is impacted by the meteoric rise in the usage of smartphones and social media

    24-Aug-2016 by: John Palfreyman, Industry Chair, Cyber Security & E-Crime Working Group, Digital Policy Alliance and Director – Defence, Intelligence & Public Safety, Software Group Europe CTO Team, IBM
    Context - with so much hype, and shrouded in technical gobbledygook it’s hard to get a real handle on Cyber Crime, and how we can best prevent and / or investigate it.   In IBM, we define Cyber Security as the protection of an organization and its assets from electronic attack to minimize the risk of business disruption.  But what about Cyber Crime?  Figure 1 draws on a recent  UK Home Office report which helpfully splits this into Cyber-enabled crime and Cyber-dependent crime.
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