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  • Tahir Abbas

    Tahir Abbas

    Senior Fellow, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)
  • Ian Acheson FRSA

    Ian Acheson FRSA

    Sampson Hall and Head of Independent Review of Extremism in Prisons and probation for HM Government
  • Zahed Amanullah

    Zahed Amanullah

    Senior Programme Manager, Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD)
  • Mark Barmby

    Mark Barmby

    Defence and Security Expert, PA Consulting
  • Enrique Belda-Esplunges

    Enrique Belda-Esplunges

    Deputy Director General of Communications and Information Systems for Security, Spanish MOI
  • Emmanuel Berton

    Emmanuel Berton

    Project Manager Border Control and Landside Security, French Airports Authority
  • James Brandon

    James Brandon

    Director of Geopolitical Risk, Stirling Assynt
  • Chris Brown

    Chris Brown

    Analytics Consultant, Big Data
  • Graham Browne

    Graham Browne

    TDS (Time Data Security) Ltd
  • Andrew Bull

    Andrew Bull

    Director of Sales , UK & Ireland, Quantum Secure
  • Jane Cannon , MBE

    Jane Cannon , MBE

    Director, Security Industry Engagement, Home Office
  • Ciaran Carolan

    Ciaran Carolan

    Research and Development Director, EU LISA
  • Darren Carter

    Darren Carter

    Head of Group Security, Edwardian Hotels London
  • Jirí Celikovský

    Jirí Celikovský

    Head of Unit for Coordination of Schengen Cooperation and Border Control, Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic
  • Martin Clark

    Martin Clark

    ABP Humber, Association of British Ports
  • Simon Cole

    Simon Cole

    Leicestershire Police Force and National Lead on Prevent Strategy, National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC)
  • Steve Dann

    Steve Dann

    Director Criminal and Financial Investigation, Immigration Enforcement, Home Office
  • Hans Das

    Hans Das

    Head of Unit, DG Home, European Commission
  • Karl Derbyshire

    Karl Derbyshire

    Business Development Manager, HERAS
  • Manuel di Casoli

    Manuel di Casoli

    Formerly Security, BC and Food Security Director, Expo Milano 2015
  • Brian Dillon

    Brian Dillon

    Managing Director, Rubicon Resillience
  • Steve Dobby

    Steve Dobby

    Product manager - Detection, Geoquip Worldwide
  • Lucy D'Orsi

    Lucy D'Orsi

    Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police
  • Peter Drissel

    Peter Drissel

    Director, Security Civil Aviation Authority
  • Steve Durbin

    Steve Durbin

    Managing Director, Information Security Forum
  • Paul Edmunds

    Paul Edmunds

    Head of Technology, National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU), National Crime Unit (NCA)
  • Jennifer Ellis

    Jennifer Ellis

    IoT Security Practice, Symantec
  • Richard English

    Richard English

    Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Internationalisation and Engagement, Queen's University, Belfast
  • Paul Eslinger

    Paul Eslinger

    Committee Member, BIFM Risk &Continuity SIG, British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) and Director, The Wessex Environmental Partnership
  • Garry Evanson

    Garry Evanson

    Head of Emergency Planning & Security, Westminster Abbey and Chairman, The Security Institute
  • Krum Garkov

    Krum Garkov

    Executive Director, EU LISA
  • Mike Gillespie

    Mike Gillespie

    Director, The Security Institute and MD, Advent IM
  • John Godwin

    John Godwin

    Director of Compliance & Information Assurance, UK Cloud
  • Sajjan Gohel

    Sajjan Gohel

    International Security Director, Asia Pacific Foundation & Senior Advisor to the Combating Terrorism Working Group (CTWG) part of the Partnership for Peace Consortium (PfPC)
  • Euan Grant

    Euan Grant

    Border Security Consultant
  • Barney Gray

    Barney Gray

    Technical Solutions, Applied satellite Technology Systems
  • Ron Gregory

    Ron Gregory

    Executive Director, National Association for Healthcare
  • Vibhor Gupta

    Vibhor Gupta

    Technology Lead, ASIS, UK
  • Nick Hardy

    Nick Hardy

    Service Management and Business Resilience Leader
  • Toby Harris

    Toby Harris

    of Haringey, Member of the Joint Committee on the National Security Strategy
  • Sasha Havlicek

    Sasha Havlicek

    CEO & Co-Founder, Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD)
  • Mark Heholt

    Mark Heholt

    Head of Skills, The Tech Partnership
  • Mark Henderson

    Mark Henderson

    Head of Sales, TDS (Time Data Security) Ltd
  • Nader Henein

    Nader Henein

    Regional Director, Advanced Cyber Assurance , BlackBerry
  • Andres Hirshfeld

    Andres Hirshfeld

    Director of Facilitation and Cargo Security, United Airlines
  • Rebecca Hollingsworth

    Rebecca Hollingsworth

    Policy Adviser, Association of British Insurers (ABI)
  • Jeff Howells

    Jeff Howells

    Business Development Manager, HERAS
  • Guy Huckle

    Guy Huckle

    Director Resilience, Network Rail
  • David Key

    David Key

    Head of Business Resilience & Security, Thames Water Utilities
  • Sara Khan

    Sara Khan

    Director & Founder, Inspire
  • Ziad Khoury

    Ziad Khoury

    Prefect, French Interior Ministry
  • Paul Kudray

    Paul Kudray

    International Business Resilience Leader
  • Mike Lees

    Mike Lees

    Head of Business Security, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Johan Linder

    Johan Linder

    Chief Airport Security Unit, Stockholm Arlanda Airport
  • Alexis Long

    Alexis Long

    Policy Director, Heathrow Airport Limited
  • Louis Marinos

    Louis Marinos

    Threat Analyst, European Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA)
  • Billy Marshall

    Billy Marshall

    Chronos Technology
  • Steve Melia

    Steve Melia

    Airport Operations Manager, Liverpool Airport
  • Tim Molden

    Tim Molden

    Director of Security, The Savoy
  • Edward Morello

    Edward Morello

    Head of Client Relations, Stirling Assynt
  • Zeina Nazer

    Zeina Nazer

    Innova Consulting, Managing Director
  • Peter O'Broin

    Peter O'Broin

    Policy Manger, Airport Operator's Association
  • Carlile of Berriew

    Carlile of Berriew

    CBE, QC, Director, SC Strategy
  • Russell Ost

    Russell Ost

    Global Vertical Market manager- Oil & Gas, Pelco by Schneider Electric
  • Dave Palmer

    Dave Palmer

    Director of Technology, Darktrace
  • Raffaello Pantucci

    Raffaello Pantucci

    Director of International Security Studies, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)
  • Richard Parlour

    Richard Parlour

    Chair, Home Office & Ministry of Justice Policy Unit, Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and government adviser on cyber security for financial services
  • Jenny Radcliffe

    Jenny Radcliffe

    aka 'The People Hacker' Head of Training and Consultancy, Jenny Radcliffe Training
  • Talal Rajab

    Talal Rajab

    Head of Programme, Cyber, techUK
  • Don Randall

    Don Randall

    Director, Don Randall Associates
  • Malcolm Rifkind

    Malcolm Rifkind

    Former Foreign Secretary and former Chairman of the Intelligence & Security Committee of Parliament
  • David Roney

    David Roney

    Deputy National Police Coordinator for PROTECT & PREPRE, National Counter Terrorism Policing HQ
  • Dvir Rubinshtein

    Dvir Rubinshtein

    Manager, Aviation Security Operation Centre (ASOC), Israeli Ministry of Transport
  • Nicola Savage

    Nicola Savage

    Managing Director, Excelerate Technology
  • Rob Shapland

    Rob Shapland

    Principle Cyber Security Consultant, First Base Technologies LLP
  • Magnus Sjöberg

    Magnus Sjöberg

    Head of Counter Terror, National Operations Department, Swedish police Authority
  • Martin Sloane

    Martin Sloane

    Head of Information Security and Risk, Drax
  • Colin Smith

    Colin Smith

    Detective Chief Inspector, Centre for Applied Science &Technology
  • Tony Smith

    Tony Smith

    Former Director General UK, Border Force
  • Bharat Thakrar

    Bharat Thakrar

    Cyber Resilience & Advanced Threat Defence, BT Security Enterprise, BT Global Services
  • Alun Thomas

    Alun Thomas

    Director Specialist Operations, British Transport Police
  • Paul Thorlby

    Paul Thorlby

    CTO, QinetiQ
  • Bart van Hofwegen

    Bart van Hofwegen

    Chief Security National Tactical Command, Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands
  • Jeroen van Rest

    Jeroen van Rest

    Senior Consultant Security, Sensors & Privacy,TNO
  • Rob Wainwright

    Rob Wainwright

    Director, Europol
  • Ben Wallace MP

    Ben Wallace MP

    Minister of State of Security, Home Office
  • Malcolm Warr , OBE

    Malcolm Warr , OBE

  • Tim Watson

    Tim Watson

    Director, WMG, Cyber Security Centre, University of Warwick
  • David Wells

    David Wells

    Ex-GCHQ and Australian Intelligence Officer
  • Robert Wesley

    Robert Wesley

    Terrorism Research Initiative
  • Scott Wilson

    Scott Wilson

    National Co-ordinator Protect & Prepare, National Counter Terrorism Policing HQ
  • Barbara A Wilson OBE

    Barbara A Wilson OBE

    Assistant Director, UK Border Force
  • Steven Windle

    Steven Windle

    Incident Response Specialist, K2 Intelligence
  • Thomas Wuchte

    Thomas Wuchte

    Head on Anti-Terrorism Issues, Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe, (OSCE)
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