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The Role of the Media in Countering Terrorism

The Role of the Media in Countering Terrorism

3rd May 2017 | 14:30 - 16:00 | Olympia Room

Emergency Planning SocietyThe Emergency Planning Society are hosting an open educational seminar at Security & Counter Terror Expo. The workshop will appeal to all emergency responders within the EPRR community.

A unique event at the Security & Counter Terrorism Expo will be an exploration into the crucial role the mainstream media can play in counter terrorism.

Called jointly by the Emergency Planning Society and the Society of Editors, emergency responders will discuss with media representatives how to build a new, effective interface between the two, that could foster better understanding of each other’s needs during a major incident; build relationships through such initiatives as inviting the media to participate in emergency exercises; and hold debriefs after major incidents to identify lessons for both sides.

In this era of ‘fake news’ and information offensives by belligerent groups, the need for a new formation akin to the Media Emergency Forums of the past, has never been more needed.

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