Security & Counter Terror Expo, 5-6 March 2019, Olympia, London


CNI Protection | Cyber Security | Policing and Counter Terrorism | Major event security | Border security | Offender management | Services

  • Policing and Counter Terrorism

    Policing and Counter Terrorism

    Police Services and law enforcement agencies are at the forefront in the fight against terrorism. Their expertise, intelligence, operations and investigation functions are often the definitive factor in preventing attacks.
  • CNI Protection

    CNI Protection

    This capability enables public and private entities to identify, assess, prioritise, and protect critical infrastructure and key resources so that they can detect, prevent, deter, devalue, and mitigate deliberate efforts to destroy, incapacitate or exploit a nation’s CNI.
  • Cyber Security

    Cyber Security

    Economies, governments and people depend on their cyber infrastructure. Communications, banking, personal information and documents are all saved electronically and transmitted online. As a result cyber infrastructure needs to be secure.
  • Major Events

    Major Events

    The security challenges surrounding the planning and delivery of large scale events, whether it is the Olympic and Paralympic Games, World Cup or a major political summit, are significant and complex. 
  • Border Control

    Border Control

    Many countries face significant challenges to secure vulnerable borders, often in unpopulated and difficult terrain where the deployment of standard solutions would be impracticable.
  • Offender Management

    Offender Management

    The UK offender management capability is based on the principles of holding prisoners securely, reducing the risk of prisoners re-offending and providing safe and well-ordered establishments.
  • Services


    The provision of services is a crucial element of business running through all aspects of the security sector and across many other sectors, including transport, construction, energy and ICT.

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  • Policing and specialist operations
  • Airport and security borders
  • Counter ied zone
  • Cyber threat intellingence
  • Major event security
  • Secure design build

  • WCTC

SCTX returns to Olympia, London next year

Welcome to the UK’s leading event for national security professionals 

Security & Counter Terror Expo is a world-class showcase of the capabilities, strategies and intelligence to keep nations, infrastructure, business and people safe.

The event brings together 10,000+ senior professionals from Government, Private Sector, Critical National Infrastructure, Military, Law Enforcement, Transport Security, Border Security, Security Services, Major Events and Emergency Services.

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NEW FOR 2019

The  People Movement & Management Show will take place at Security & Counter Terror Expo 2018

The People Movement and Management Show will attract a further 2000 attendees, who are specifically visiting the People Movement & Management zone of the event. The show will offer a unique opportunity for exhibitors to showcase the latest technological products and services in the field of Crowd Management, People Counting, Location Analytics and People Flow Modelling. To book your stand: Click here 


Security & Counter Terror Expo is aligned with the Home Office security strategy and Department of International Trade

Security & Counter Terror Expo is fully aligned with the UK Government’s counter terror strategy, CONTEST, and Cabinet Office's strategy for increasing exports of UK security products and services.

CONTEST Strategy Security Export Strategy


The Home Office's counter terror strategy focuses on four Ps: Protect, Prepare, Prevent, Pursue

Security & Counter Terror Expo is aligned and focuses on 7 security capabilities to support UK government’s export strategy to provide tailored solutions to overseas market in the areas that reflects UK’s strength



meet the professionals shaping national security 

Security & Counter Terror Expo has a proven track record of delivering 1,000s of international attendees looking to secure the assets, sites and people they are tasked with protecting. These attendees come to specify the latest products and solutions and make significant procurement decisions.

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counter terror awards

Counter Terror AwardsThe Counter Terror Awards will be staged to recognise the efforts of organisations in both the public and private sectors and their contributions to counter terror strategy in the UK and overseas, as well as the vital role played by the military and emergency services in mitigating terrorist threats and striving to keep the public safe.





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Venue and opening times

Olympia London


5th March 2019 // 9:00-17:45


6th March 2019 // 9:00-16:45

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