Security & Counter Terror Expo

Border & Transport Security

Border & Transport Security

Security & Counter Terror Expo brought together hundreds of transport and border security professionals

Border SecurityTransport & Border security professionals came to Security & Counter Terror Expo to learn about the latest issues, policies and challenges facing the world’s border management, protection and security forces.

Attendees also gained an insight in to what the future holds for the management of migration and refugee movement, as well as systems and technologies employed in fighting illegal border activities, including drug and people trafficking.

Attendees heard from active senior border force officials and speakers delivering discussion and thought provoking presentations on the most serious border protection, management and security issues and challenges.

Security & Counter Terror Expo will bring together

  • Border Agencies
  • Border management
  • Immigration
  • Customs and security policy makers and practitioners
  • Customs and border control officials
  • National / Homeland security advisors, policymakers and personnel
  • Coast guard officers
  • Chiefs of Police and Police and law enforcement officers
  • Boundary commissioners
  • Diplomats and foreign affairs officials
  • Borderland planners and managers
  • Defence and security departments
  • Consular officials
  • Policy analysts
  • Private Security
  • Global Security Risk Analyst
  • Heads of Department of Economic, Management and Operation of Maritime Transport
  • Heads of National Analysis Centre
  • Heads of Sector, EU and Schengen
  • Security system providers

Focus Areas include 

  • Airport Security

  • Anti-trafficking

  • Civil Society

  • Counter Terrorism

  • Customs

  • Cyber Security

  • Immigration

  • Maritime Security

Border & Transport Security

At Border & Transport Security attendees heard from experts on the most critical issues facing borders and transport hubs. Attendees met fellow practitioners to share best practice and explore the latest capabilities for secure border and transport management.

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